Level One: A New Beginning====

* Create A Character

* Create A Pet

* Buy A Starting Home

- This is the beginning hence the name a new beginning once you have created a character a pet and have picked a house the games starts off with a animated video of your sitting on a big chair talking on the phone you say "Yes sir I will have the paper work ready by next week just please dont fire me!" then you hear the other line " Alright (your name) just dont be late with it or I will be giving your job to Anna!" then the phone clicks and you take a big sigh and pick up a pamflet telling you about a great place to camp where they allow pets. so you think and then you start to write a list of thing you will need and you strait to go look for them.

* First you need to walk around your house searching for the items you will need ex. lighter, food,tent, and a knife.Edit
* Then you will have to walk out to your car and pack upEdit
* Then you search for your pet and your laptop so that you have company and you can finish your paper workEdit
* After all of the excitement of starting the game you have to clean up your house before you leave and have a rest.( This happens like sims very quick and easy).Edit
* Then the sun will start to set and your need to get into your car and start to drive awayEdit
- Then another mini animation video and this one your driving and you look at a map to make sure you are going the right way and then you start to talk to your pet but technachly your just talking to yourself. you say " Life with work and stuff is just so hard thank goodness were getting away from it all by going on a camping trip out side with nature and everything" then you take a look at your pet who is staring dumbly at you not quite understanding. then your put your eyes back on the road and notice a dark black shine up ahead not afraid to find out where it will take you,you drive right into it. And then you start your new life.Edit