Light VS Darkness' is a Felror level in Assault.

Basic informationEdit

Playable Character:Light Templar or Heavy

Enemies:Dark Grunt, Dark Brute, Dark Assassin, Dark Heavy, Nemesis X2 (Boss)

Allies:Heavy or Light Templar, Gold, Darkness, Demon, Silver


Act 1Edit

The Basic object of this act is to get Gold, Demon, and Silver to the Hangar. Go through several Corridors to get to the hanger. In the hanger there are many enemies. Kill them all and the Dark Heavy falls from the ceiling. Kill it, the act ends.

Act 2Edit

The objective is to get to the great bridge that connects the Royal tower and the Communications Tower. Once you get there Darkness heads to the battle below and the act ends

Act 3Edit

The is a Boss act. Get passed the bridge and it starts. Two Nemesis appear and they take the appearance of LT and Heavy. Defeat them and the Act ends

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