Catz 2
Catz 2 cover


Wii, PlayStation 2


3+, E



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Catz 2 is a sequel to Catz (Petz: Catz 2 in the US). In the US this game would be called Petz: Catz 3. The graphics and areas are exactly the same but the storyline takes place after the end of the first game.

The main storyline in the game is that you, as the new owner, use the Magic Hat to protect the island. However, you and victor soon take the Magic Hat for granted, and use it in some of your games for things such as getting balls out of trees or ponds. As you try to use it to calm down a snake, the Magic Hat suddenly emits a cloud of smoke and the colour starts to fade. You and Victor decide there is nothing you can do but go and see Theophilus.


Catz 2 has many characters from Catz, although there are some new characters as well. See Catz 2/New Characters for more info. There are also some characters that will be taken out:

  • Ivlet (as he has no part)
  • Saul (as he only appears briefly in the first game and after that disappears)
  • Maria (as she only has a mission you don't have to do)
  • Chaotic Dragon (as in the first game you virtually kill him)


Much like the first game, Catz 2 has many missions. As a page per mission would be a bit much, the missions will be in groups.