Elementals is a game where you control an unnamed Hero and go through 3 acts, looking for the 8 gems and destroying the Dark Council.


You are a young swordsman who lives in a castle town. You are schosen to chack out the disturbance coming out of the Great Volcano. You train and leave to the Volcano to get the disturbance. Inside you find a member of the Dark Council and a Fire Dragon. You slay them both and return to the town with a mysterious red orb.


Name Ability Found
Blue Potion Increases Health Shop, Enemy Drop
Green Potion Increases Magic Shop, Enemy Drop
Red Potion Increases Attack Shop, Enemy Drop
Life Gem Revives you when you die Shop
Bomb Does damage to an enemy

Shop, Enemy Drop



Name Hand Space Damage Found
Wooden Sword (Temporarily) 1 Lowest Training Ground
Longsword 1 Low Training Ground
Dark Hammer 2 Medium Great Volcano

Secondary (Can be destroyed)Edit

Name Damage Durability Found
Wooden Sword Lowest (Tied) Low Training Ground (Demoted after getting Longsword)
Wooden Stick Lowest (Tied) Lowest Shop
Dark Longsword Higher Low Medium Great Volcano


Name Protection Found
Wooden Shield Lowest Training Grounds
Bronze Shield Low Training Grounds


Act IEdit


  • Wooden Dummy (Training Grounds)
  • Swordsman (Training Grounds)
  • Knight (Training Grounds)
  • Baby Dragon (Great Volcano)
  • Dragon (Great Volcano)
  • Dragonkin (Great Volcano)
  • Reptilian (Great Volcano)

Act I BossesEdit

  • Ancient Warrior (Training Grounds)
  • Fire Dragon (Great Volcano)
  • Dark Champion (Great Volcano)

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