this is the first Level of Galactic Battles.


Your first Mission is the Build Three Astronauts(which is all you have money for) and Scout ahead. you'll find a small group of Dog-like Aliens. You should only have one Astronaut after that. He must survive. Bring him back to your base, Load him in the Lander and lift off. after doing that you win


Introduction:The RiseEdit

Narrator:Mankind has Colonised Many worlds. lately we have made it to the first planet not in the Milky way. We have sent a squad of three Astronauts there, The see if the planet is colnisable

A Lander lands on the planet with Several Alien waiting for an Ambush

Safe and SoundEdit

Astronaut:That was close

He was in the lander taking off getting back to the Closest earth outpost, Which seems to be A Mining post