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Hunted is a game where you, a professional thief, must eliminate dozens of armed guards per level with limited weapons. All levels have some ceiling object, wether pipes, poles, or metal gargoyles, that you can hang on to as your main hiding spot. When each armed guard is knocked out, you may progress to the next level. If you have been seen, you are stunned with a police stun gun, or blasted with machine guns and killed depending on the level if you can not escape from their sight quick enough. If you are never seen throughout the whole level you receive a gold check on the level; if not, you will be awarded with a red check for just completing the level.


These are the items and weapons that you use to complete the levels:

  • magnetic grapple
  • explosive gell (only 3 can be used at one time)
  • sonic sound emitter
  • sticky grenades
  • x-ray vision headgear
  • stun gun


  • Training Level
  • Dark Allyway
  • Bank
  • Museum
  • Greenhouse
  • Black Market
  • Docks
  • Abandoned Museum Part 1
  • Abandoned Museum Part 2

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