Infinity Tower





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On the outside, the Infinity Tower is a small cylindrical stone tower, 1000' high and 100' wide (300m high, 30m wide). On the inside, it is 200' wide (60m), and much higher.

Adventurers from the nearby region have visited the tower for sources of wealth, magic, and power.


Put the game controls here. If you wish, you can create a subpage for the controls.

See Infinity Tower/Controls


Normally, each level is a circle, 200' wide. The basic level template has no obstacles, but they may be added to divide the tower into sections.

  • Each level contains a set of monsters.
  • Monsters must be defeated within a certain timelimit.
  • If time runs out when monsters are within the level, the character is ejected from the floor and returned to the bottom.
  1. Beastiary
  2. Items

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