The first Area in StainerQuest. There are no items here.


  • Coperian Troopers-Walk towards you with guns.
  • Coperian Knights-Run towards you with swords.
  • Rush Mounts-Fast mounts that Coperian Riders use.
  • Coperian Riders-Ride Rush Mounts. If the Rush Mount is killed, the rider uses a small knife.
  • Titan Golems-Stone Golems that are only found at the entrance of the Ralezan castle.
  • Undead Ralezan Knights-Like Coperian Knights but slower and take more damage.
  • Copper Stainer-The boss of the area. More information below.


The ShoreEdit

This subsection is very linear and you only need to continue until you get to the castle. Along the way you will fight Coperian Troopers, Knights, Riders, and Rush Mounts. At the end you fight two Titan Golems.

Ralezan CastleEdit

This subsection only has three rooms: The Entrance, the Elevator Room, and the Throne Room. Copper Stainer is fought in the throne room.

Boss: Copper StainerEdit