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Nazi Zombies: Britain






The game takes place in 2009. A terrorist plot has awoken many german POWs from 1945, and they have come back as zombies.

There is only one objective in Nazi Zombies: Britain and that is to SURVIVE!!

Nazi Zombies: Britain takes place in London, but you can catch the Underground and go to Cardiff, Newcastle, Manchester and Dublin. The objective is to survive the zombie horde. You can only purchase British guns (i.e: Sten guns, bren guns, SA80 etc etc etc)

You play as a British Spec-Ops soldier called Anthony Jones.

This game will be available on: Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, Xbox, Xbox 360, PS2 and PS3.


Follow the link

See Nazi Zombies: Britain/Controls


Here are the levels:

  1. Level 1

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