For gaming systems- Wii,playstaion 1 2 and 3, DS

Rated- E12+,T

idea- popple64


You decide one day to go for a campout just you and your pet(Dog, Cat,ect.). so you pack up all of the things you need and set off on your jorney. you drive a certain amount of time thinking about work and your stressful life at home. Than you take a quick look at your pet and try to imagine what he/she could be thinking. As you turn back to the road you see a shadow up ahead not afraid to find out you drive on and get sucked into a portal to a new world and then the adventure sets off.


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  1. A new beginning
  2. Creating new land
  3. Sleepless howler!
  4. What man has done
  5. Saving the animals
  6. Peace VS. Life
  7. Shrinking down
  8. Lost Pet
  9. Finding nemo
  10. Is this real?
  11. Horses of the new world

Kinds of PetsEdit

  • Dog ( 30 Breeds)
  • Cat (30 Breeds)
  • Reptiles ( lizard, Snake, komodo dragon)
  • Rodents ( hamster, mouse, rabbit,weasel, chinchilla)
  • Monkeys
  • Birds ( budgie,parrot,parakeet, and many more)
  • Walking fish