In the game, you will face 5 pits with each their own enemies.

Enemies 1-9Edit

Floors 1-9

-Paragoomba: HP-2 DEF-0 ATK-1

-Olamarnite Koopa: HP-4 DEF-2 ATK-2

-Angry Goomba: HP-5 DEF-1 ATK-3

Enemies 11-19TK-6Edit

-Groombah: HP-6 DEF-2 ATK-3

-Paragroombah: HP-4 DEF-3 ATK-3

-Spiky Groombah: HP-7 DEF-3 ATK-2

-Paraolimarnite Koopa: HP-6 DEF-3 ATK-2

Enemies 21-29Edit

-Runpika Cleft: HP-4 DEF-2 ATK-4

-Trompler Puff: HP-6 DEF-1 ATK-5

-Ignited Guy: HP-8 DEF-0 ATK-5

Enemies 31-39Edit

-Medi Guy: HP-10 DEF-1 ATK-4

-Pike Guy: HP-8 DEF-0 ATK-5

-Heater Cleft: HP-11 DEF-4 ATK-5

-Fort Cleft: HP-1 DEF-4 ATK-6

-Guarded Koopa: HP-12 DEF-3 ATK-4

Enemies 41-49Edit

-Hyper Fort Cleft: HP-9 ATK-2 DEF-4