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Paper Mario IV


Nintendo DS



  • Mild language
  • Cartoon violence
  • Comic mischief




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Paper Mario IV is a role-playing adventure game and the fourth game of the Paper Mario series. The game is developed for Nintendo DS, but there will be coming soon a Wii version of the game.


The game begins in Mushroom Kingdom, where professor Frankly calls Mario and tells him that he has found something "absolutely fantastic". After that, Mario and Luigi set sail to Rogueport, where they find out that a "master thief" has been spotted lurking near prof. Frankly's study. Mario rushes in there, but he's too late. He finds Frankly unconscious and tries to wake him up, when Goombella comes out of her hide and tells him that a thief barged into the study, knocked prof. Frankly unconscious and stole the "absolutely fantastic" item, an empty stone tablet. Goombella suggests that Mario should try to find the thief and joins your party.


The empty stone tablet.

When they leave the study, Goombella suggests that they should split up and that Goombella would investigate the east side of the town and that Mario would investigate the west side. When you have searched the west side (without finding anything/anyone of course) you return in front of Frankly's study just to find out that Goombella's not there. Instead, prof. Frankly has regained consciousness and tells Mario about the stone tablet.

"The tablet contains eight sectors and a center.
It has many secret powers that can help you in your adventure, Mario.
Each time a sector is added to the tablet, you will learn a new attack.
Use it with caution! It uses up your star power and when you run out of it,
you cannot use the tablet again until you have enough star power."

Prof. Frankly explaining the tablet


Key Action
D-pad Highlight option, move around
A Confirm selection, jump
B Cancel selection, hammer
X Use partner's special skill, dodge items thrown on the stage, erase data on load/save menu
Y Read signs, talk to people, turn into a paper plane/boat on the designated platform
L Show HUD
R Roll
Start Pause the game


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