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Pokémon Jade/Topaz Versions


Nintendo DS





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Box art for Pokémon Topaz Version.


This game takes place in the Tronar Region. You start off playing the Wii, and realise that it is time to go to Prof. Raina's house to get your first Pokémon (Prof. Raina is a girl professer). Upon going to her lab, you find your rival there and it turns out that he has been waiting for Raina for a while now too. One of the workers overhears you and tells you and your rival that she went out to collect some Oran Berries. Your rival is confused and it is explained that Prof. Raina also likes gardening for some reason. You and your rival head off into the woods to find Raina and find her being attacked by some wild Pokémon. She barely gets away for a moment to hand you your starter Pokémon, and gets attacked again. You then have a choice of either Teria (water starter), Termon (Grass starter), or Asible (Fire starter). You chose the Pokémon you want and save Raina. You go back to the lab and Raina gives you each a Pokédex. The Pokémon adventure begins!


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Coming soon

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