Return of Hell


Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC





Pikapi (talk · contribs)

Return of Hell takes place in the year 2010. You play as Jason Flamar a wanted gangster in New York City. The game can be played in Free Play mode, with Goals, or following Missions. When all of the Missions are completed the game has been beaten and new goals will be unlocked. In the black market you can purchase weapon ammunition.


50 Caliber Pistol- Long range, extra large damage, multiple bullets

Submachine Gun- Short range, decent damage, multiple bullets

Assault Rifle- Long range, some damage, single bullets

Sniper- Long range, decent damage multiple bullets

Grenade Launcher- Long range, huge damage single grenades

Grenades- Long range, extra large damage single grenades

Bazooka- Long range, extra huge damage, single bullets

Knife- Short range, decent damage

Baseball Bat- Short range, some damage

Samurai Sword- Short range, extra large damage


(In order)

  • Steal a car and chase Giovanni Gianno
  • Kill Giovanni's gang
  • Steal five cars and bring them to "The Base"
  • Recruit your gang
  • Seize the Police Station
  • Raid the Subway trains
  • Evade the SWAT teams and rescue Butler Price
  • Destroy 10 SWAT trucks during your escape
  • Avoid the SWAT teams and capture Giovanni Gianno


  • Win 20 street races
  • Steal 50 cars
  • Kill 100 people
  • Destroy 50 SWAT cars