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Samurai Wars


PlayStation 3, Xbox 360





Therider (talk · contribs) , Blessed Sword (talk · contribs)

The direct sequel to Medieval Wars, Samurai Wars is more realistic than its first game.


A time of war had come to the land of China. The three kingdoms, Wei, Shu and Wu, finally collide. But the game... does not begin there. Based on the Chinese classic novel Romance of The Three Kingdoms, The story begins with The yellow Turban Rebellion and ends with the Great Last Battle of The Three Kingdoms.

Battle AreasEdit

The levels in Story Mode order are below.

  • The Great Wall
  • Northern Mountain Range
  • Pagoda Garden
  • Battle Valley


Same class warriors for all kingdoms. (Add on what ever class you like.)

  • Samurai
  • Mercenary
  • Warlord (Can be played as when 1 player scores 3 points in a row for his team)
  • War God (Can be played as when 1 player scores 5 points in a row for his team)


  • Chinese Dragon
  • Horse

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