SIML is the coding on Sims web allowing special things such as games, guestbooks, and search boxes to your sites. A list of SIML coding can be found below.

SIML CodesEdit

  • Giigle Search Box - enter <giiglesearch> align ____________ (left) (right) or (middle)
  • Yohoo Search Box - enter <yohoosearch> align ____________
  • Classic Pic Man Game - enter <cpmg/coolgames> align ____________
  • Visitor Count - enter <vc/adsite/support/current visitors:,number of visits:> align ____________
  • Guest Book - enter <gb/dowloadishfever/name:,comments:> align ____________
  • Moving Text - enter <"____________"/move left-middle-right>
  • Personal Memo - enter <pm/write here:/p-vary/left/gad>

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