StainerQuest is a Metroidvania-style game about an armored man heading to an island to take down the leaders of a rivaling kingdom after they had escaped their own land. He finds that the island once held a kingdom that was wiped out by the leaders of the rival kingdom. He meets the only survivor of the massacre: a princess named Agnello.



  • The Silver Knight-The silent hero of the game.
    Actually a pretty chill guy once you get him to speak
    His real name is later revealed to be
    Silver Stainer
  • Princess Agnello Raleza-Serious and no-nonsense who just wants to try and find any other survivors so she can revitalize her kingdom.


  • Copper Stainer-The main villain of the game. He likes to stay classy and likes to monologue about themes such as Morality, Chaos, Order, and Family.
  • Tina Stainer-Copper's daughter. Very loyal to her father, to the point where she seems almost obsessive.
  • Ruby Minna-Very intolerant and ruthless. She seems to not like Copper and have her own agenda.
    She spares The Silver Kight after taking his helmet off.
  • Nizzafort Jax-Physically strongest of the leaders, and nice to both of the heroes.
  • Eve Credula-Naive, perky, and often sidetracked. She is however, surprisingly smart with mathematics and grammar.
  • Doctor Magellan-Very experienced in the field of technology. He is a pragmatist, and discourages going into battles he thinks they can't win
  • Persay Jax-Nizzafort's brother and very prideful. He isn't as strong as his brother but he is much better with technology.
    He only joins after Nizzafort dies


  • King Leon Raleza
    -Brought back from the dead by Copper. Tries to mentor The Silver Knight.
    Is under the control of Copper after Eve's death


There are two types of levels: Areas and Dungeons. Areas are freely accessible and you can go in and out at any time. You can't escape a dungeon until you defeat the main boss, are located inside of areas, and are also more linear.


The game revolves around switching between The Silver Knight and Princess Agnello. The Silver Knight is the offensive one with all of the weapons. Agnello also has a weapon, but it does very low damage, and doesn't affect most enemies. Agnello has better jumps, gear, and isn't affected by environmental effects as much (Wind, Ice, Water).

  • X=Switch character
  • Y=Use weapon/gear
  • B=Jump
  • A=Interact
  • + buttons=Switch weapon/gear
  • Analog=Move, Look Up/Down, Climbing


Items are divided into two categories: Weapons (Used by The Silver Knight) and Gear (Used by Agnello).


  • Silver Sword (Gotten at the beginning)
  • Pistol (Gotten at the beginning)


  • Bow (Gotten when Agnello is found)
  • Climbing (Gotten when Agnello is found)