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Star Wars: Force Troopers


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Star Wars: Force Troopers is a first-person shooter designed with mechanics similar to games in the Halo series. Unlike previous games in the Star Wars series, Force Troopers is the first in a line for more mature audiences due to minor blood and some bad language, however, being a mixture of science fiction and military, the game attracts a wide audience of players.

Before a player can play any of the game, he or she must design himself a suit or armor from the armory. A player can mix and match helmets, body armor, wrist armor, etc. from here. These upgrades may cost the user credits, and some may only be unlocked once the user has reached a certain ranking. Ranks can be earned by participating in online events, playing multiplayer mode, or advancing in campaign mode. The armor that a user chooses for himself will appear in all game modes, however, rank will not count in campaign mode for story reasons. Certain armor may only be unlocked as a pre-order bonus or may be purchased online. Game updates may appear occasionally, and may only be available for download via internet connection.

One of Star Wars: Force Troopers' unique online features is the "Waypoint mode", which allows for players to call in friends or random players to play campaign mode in real-time. The option to fight alongside random players is only available on levels that the player has already completed (Whether played in single player mode, multi-player mode or with friends via Waypoint mode).

Plot Edit

Please read the end of Timeline of galactic history, in order to fully understand this.

The story marks the start of the Omega Era after all canon has ended, including the short lived Legacy Era. The Sith are in a state of fragmentation, but are restoring themselves fast, and becoming stronger than ever. Darth Wyyrlok (III) has been assassinated, and replaced by a new Sith, who's name isn't revealed in this game. In control of the Sith Empire, this mysterious Sith orders an attack on major Galactic Alliance worlds such as Coruscant.

During what seems to be the Alliance's final stand, an army of genetically engineered soldiers is created as defense. They share many similarities with their Clone trooper, predecessors, including all being human, except these soldiers aren't clones, and they are taught to fight with the force. They consider firearms to be less powerful than the force itself.

Force Trooper Armor Edit

Helmet pieces Edit

  • MTAS (Multi-Threat Assault Series) [Default] - The basic helmet for all Force Troopers. Designed for close-combat situations were the wearer may be outnumbered.
  • EVAC (Extra Vehicular Activity/Combat Variant) - Focused on increasing exo-atmospheric endurance and improving mobility in zero gravity. 2000 cr
  • LRG (Long-Range Grenadier Variant) - Very heavily armored as defense against grenades and long-range sniper weapons. 2500 cr