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Super Smash Bros. War is a fighting game for Wii and sequel to Super Smash Bros. Brawl. It features several new characters, as well as many returning characters. The new series added on are: Paper Mario, Bomberman, Cooking Mama, Rayman, Pac-Man, and Mushroom Men.




Mario is balanced with average abilities.

His final smash is Mario Finale.


Peach is lightweight and speedy, with low power.

Her final smash is Peach blossom.


Bowser is heavy and slow, but has high power.

His final smash is Giga Bowser.


Paratroopa can multi-jump and glide, giving him an edge.

His final smash is Air Raid, where he bombs his opponents rapidly.

Hammer Bro.

Hammer Bro. is powerful and has good ranged attacks.

His final smash is Hammer Spiral, where he throws a torrent of Hammers.


A slow character, Kamek's strengths lie in his ranged attacks.

His final smash is Magic Barrage, in which he hurls a flurry of spells at his opponents.


Link is slow and heavy but has high power.

His final smash is Triforce Slash.


Zelda is slow and powerful, whereas Shiek is quick and weak.

Their Final Smash is Light Arrow.


While weak, Kirby can multi-jump and copy his foes' abilities.

His final smash is cook Kirby.

Meta Knight

Meta Knight can Multi-jump and glide, and has fast attacks.

His Final smash is Galaxia Darkness.

King Dedede

Dedede has high power, and can Multi-jump.

His Final Smash is Waddle Dee Army.


Pikachu is lightweight, but packs a lot of power.

It's Final smash is Volt Tackle.

Pokemon Trainer

The Trainer fights with Squirtle, Ivysaur, and Charizard, each with their own abilities.

Their final smash is Triple finish.

Plusle and Minun

The duo fights together, like the Ice Climbers.

Their final smash is Helping Hand, in which they become super powerful.


Sonic is the fastest character, giving him an advantage.

His Final smash is Super Sonic.


Yoshi is not powerful, but is speedy and a good jumper.

It's final smash is Super Dragon.


Wario is powerful and slow.

His Final smash is Wario Man.

Kat and Ana

The duo can be switched between during the fight.

Their final smash is Double Sword, in which they both rapidly slash at an opponent.


DK is slow and a bad jumper, but a powerhouse.

His Final Smash is Konga Beat.

Diddy Kong

Diddy is lightweight and a good jumper, but slow and weak.

His Final smash is rocketbarell Barrage.

Dixie Kong

Dixie is a multi-jumper, and a powerful one.

Her final smash is rapid hit, where she spins rapidly and can hit oppoents repeatedly.

Captain Falcon

Falcon is fast and powerful, making for a deadly combo.

His Final Smash is Blue Falcon.


Fox is speedy and has good control.

His Final smash is Landmaster.


Olimar fights using the 5 kinds of Pikmin.

His Final Smash is End of Day.


Ike is extremely powerful, but a slow attacker.

His final smash is Great Aether.


Samus is heavy and powerful.

Her final Smash is Zero Laser.

Zero Suit Samus

When Samus uses Zero Laser, she loses her suit and becomes very fast.

Her final Smash is Power Suit Samus.

Ice Climbers

The Ice Climbers fight together, doubling their power.

Their Final Smash is Iceberg.


Lucas uses ranged PK attacks to fight.

His final smash is PK Starstorm.

Paper Mario

Paper Mario is light and has his own fighting style.

His final smash is Fire burst, in which he does high damage to all foes.


Pax is not a good foghter, but with every KO, he grows more powerful.

His final smash is Spore cloud, in which he poisons everyone too close.



With a similar style to Mario, Luigi has better jump and worse traction.

His Final Smash is Negative zone.

Dr. Mario

Dr. Mario has a similar fighting style to Mario, with more power.

His Final smash is Mario Finale.


Daisy is similar to Peach, although more powerful.

Her final smash is Daisy Blossom.


Ganondorf fights similarly to Captain Falcon, but with less speed and more power.

His final smash is Beast Ganon.

Toon Link

Toon Link is similar to Link, but faster and weaker.

His Final smash is Triforce Slash.

Knuckle Joe

Knuckle Joe is fairly average, with good power.

His Final Smash is Super Hit, in which he hits a foe repeatedly.


Although light, Jigglypuff is surprisingly powerful.

It's Final smash is Puff up.


Lucario's power grows as it's damage rises.

It's final smash is Aura storm.

Galactic Grunt

Fights using a Stunky and Zubat.

Their Final smash is Dual Finale, which combines Stunky's Fury Swipes and Zubat's Leech Life.


A multi-jumper with quick attacks.

His Final Smash is Cyclone, in which he boards the Cyclone to attack.


Snake has high power and many special attacks.

His Final Smash is Grenade Launcher.


With a similar style to Fox, Falco has a high jump.

His Final Smash is Landmaster.


With a similar style to Fox, Wolf has high power.

His Final Smash is Landmaster.


With a similar style to Fox, Slippy's power lies in his speaial moves.

His Final Smash is Landmaster.


Louie fights like Olimar, with less power and greater range.

His Final Smash is End of Day.

Mr. Game and Watch

Mr. G and W is light and slow with good attacks.

His Final Smash is Octopus.


R.O.B. attacks with long-range, powerful, lasers.

It's Final Smash is Diffusion Beam.


With a similar style to Lucas, Ness has some differences.

His Final smash is PK Starstorm.


Paula fights similarly to Ness and Lucas, but is far more powerful.

Her Final Smash is PK Starstorm.


Marth is speedy and powerful to fight foes.

His final smash is Critical Hit.


Bomberman fights with a variety of explosives.

His final smash is Megabomb, in which he creates a huge explosion around himself.

Cooking Mama

Cooking Mama uses several inventive food attacks.

Her final smash is Giant Pot, which sucks up and burns foes.


Rayman has several ranged attacks to aid him.

His final smash is plunger, which works like Grenade Launcher.


Pac-Man has several strange attacks that give him an edge.

His final smash is Classic Pac, in which he becomes a classic Pac-Man to attack.


Giygas starts a fight as a light and resembles a floating body made of blood, but gets heavier the more damage he dishes out. He has many close and long ranged attacks.

His final smash is Giygas Bomb, where he transforms into one of his strongest forms and attacks.


Super Mushroom

Poison Mushroom

Fire Flower


Soccer Ball



Banana Peel

Green Shell

Red Shell

Bullet Bill- Rockets when thrown

Chain Chomp- Rampages when thrown

Heart Container

Deku Nut

Deku Sword- Provides weak slashing power

Maxim Tomato




Superspicy Curry

Beam Jewel- Shoots laser whips

Poke Ball

Motion Sensor Bomb



Barrel Cannon

Popgun- Shoots 10 peanuts


Ray Gun

Arwing- Takes off when thrown


Screw Attack

Home Run Bat

Mr. Saturn

Yo-Yo- comes back when thrown.

POW Block- Creates an Earthquake when thrown

Super Scope

Beam Sword

Assist Trophy

Smash Ball

Smash Mine- Creates Large Explosion



Smoke Ball

Gooey Bomb

Fakeout Bomb- Makes opponent Taunt

Assist Trophy CharactersEdit


Blooper- Swims across the screen in classic Fashion



Deku Scrub- Fires Bubbles across the screen.

Paint Roller- Sketches one of the following:

  • A random Pokemon
  • A random Assist Trophy character
  • A clone of the character that released it
  • A smash Ball
  • Two Heart containers.

Mr. Shine and Mr. Bright- Use Eclipse attack.

Cyrus- releases three random pokemon


Grey Fox

Xananab- Drops 10 Banana Peels

Samurai Goroh


Bulblax- Rolls over opponents


Polar Bear- Makes stage move down.


Count Bleck- Creates giant void to hit opponents

Ghosts- Fly across the screen.

Negative Man-Like Ressetti, except he does attack only 1.002% of the time and it only does 1-4 damage.

Stages Edit

Mushroom Kingdom

Rosalina's Observatory

Luigi's Mansion

Mario's Dream

Bowser's Belly

Ordon Village

Waterbed Temple

Hyrule Castle

Mount Dedede

Crash Clouds

Pokemon Stadium 3

Distortion World

Pokemon League

Prison Island

Space Colony ARK


Yoshi's Island


Xananab's ship

Port Town

Arwing Fleet


Animal Crossing

Flat Zone 3

War Zone

Castle Bleck



Tiny World

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