You live in Puroro Town with your mother, (Mar) Dad, (Doluk or Dolken) and your sibling, (Emilio or Maria) and Petasi, you decide to go back to the dog island to go visit and the town is now a mess. You go see Obaba who is at her house with Dr. Potan, both making something you look confused until Dr Potan explains, there had been a accident leading most of the Dogs out of Pupsville. Now they are extremely ill and need to get medicine, without it then they can't be saved. But here's a twist, if your dog goes near any kind of snake or one of the hogs, it'll become rabid for ten seconds, if it doesn't startle the snake/hog though. Now there is a new enemy who had spread the disease though, her heart is as black as night and she is a pure black cat with green eyes. You'll have to defeat her to restore the peace to the dog island, near the end though if your a girl Camu or Mcoy will ask you to stay, if you reject the one you chose to date he'll purpose to you, not wanting you to leave. If your a boy Amalia will do the same thing, though she'll break into tears if you reject her twice. In the end you'll end up having a pup, you can choose if it's a boy or girl and most of the Pupsville dogs will begin suggesting names to you. Petasi begins to feel a bit left out so he decides to leave, you have to go on a bit of a long search for him but you can't go far if your a female because of pregnancy, if your a male, Amalia wont let you leave to go off on the hunt. In the end you will find Petasi after having to hold the star festival again, you find him on the ancroad. You go and convince him to come back once he agree's you guys go back and Amalia will have her pup if your a male, if a female your character will have her pup. The ending credits will show the pup going out and getting in trouble with the nose inherited by him/her's mother/father.