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|platforms= Wii,PS2 |

ratings= E10+

|idea= popple64


everything is better, Your sibling is healthy,you have been getting regular letters from the dogs of dog island, and everyday is a new adventure. Just as you think nothing could go wrong you get a letter from Patasi telling you that something has gone teribly wrong thier queen she is sick and they need a special item not the (legendary flower) to cure her it is called the legendary stone and it can only be found on a island called Dog island but as you read on it tells you that it is not the same dog island it is a different yet smaller one. You decide that as thier leader you should inform the victory gang to come with you and help. Your sibling is curious and asks to come your mother says no at first but after proving his/her bravery he/she is able to go. Not being able to see the ancs the victory gang at first refuse to come along on your newest adventure which is when you have to sniff up a way for them to see the ancs just like in the first game you do so for obaba. and then your jorney sets off.


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