this is the Tutorial of The Three Fortress's. It is played as Zack.



(Zack walks into a room to see Gerald sitting at his desk)

Zack:I told you, I'm retired

Gerald:Does it look like I care, I need you back in actio, we've discovered an underground land, that contains three Fortress's, We sent in some troops to one of the fortress's, none came back, I want you and your old squad to go in there.

Zack:Ugh...Okay, but after I invade these three Fortress's, I'm done, finished, no coming back

Gerald:Okay, but I think you should refurbish your skills, to remember what it's like on the Battlefeild


It starts with an overview of the Basics. Then it takes you into a battle with some Trainees.


(Gerald walks in on Zack's Training)

Gerald:Good, the helicopter is ready, time to leave.

Zack:Alright, I'm ready.

(They both leave the room as Gerald gives Zack a green vest)