[the dog island above you] i am making a NEW game! i need some help on fiximg it up. in the dog island-above you, you can jorney to where on the normal game is out of bounds such as in the treely woods where you SEE the part above you-the place where you cross the brige behind a gorila-but you can not GET or WALK up there. in the dog island above you, you can go to ALL(and i mean all)the out of bounds places. you also get NEW scent cadagorys such as mushrooms and bones. you also get NEW charcters along the way.

DogIsland nameless german shepherd dog

up on the post on the ship, you can not get up. but on the dog island above you, you CAN get up.


you take another boat to the dog island. once you get there, tom wants you to get him a puff ball mushroom to keep dogs away from his tent.
Smell the flowers

in the hills

CatIsland Amedio dog

you can not get anywhere behing the fene in Puruo Town. you can accsess the other houses in the dog island abouve you. you can also acsess the two other towns on the Puruo Island.