There are a few awards you can work towards on Think-up Games Wiki. For more information about awards, see the About page. The only awards that can be given by anybody are the awards in the personal user awards category. All other awards can only be given by administrators.

Awards on this page are works in progress and many templates are non-existent. Please leave them as they are and they will be worked on.

Contibutions awardsEdit

This award is for if you have made many contributions to the site. You will not be given this award if you intentionally make thousands of tiny edits to a page (excluding templates that can only be viewed on other pages by saving them). It will be up to the administrator giving the award if you are worthy of it or not, and may be discussed with other administrators.

Icon1 This user contributes very often!
Icon1 This user is a regular contributer!
Icon12 This user is always contributing!
500contribs This user has contributed over 500 times!
1000contribs This user has contributed over 1000 times!
Crystalbulbasaur This user has contributed over 1500 times!
Platinummetagross This user has contributed over 5000 times!
10000contribs This user has contributed over 10000 times!

Service awardsEdit

Awards listed here can only be earned by doing helpful tasks to help improve the quality of the wiki.

Images-1 This user has done an outstanding amount of janitorial work around the wiki!
Images-3 This user often corrects grammar mistakes in articles!
AgainstVandal This user fought hard against vandalism and won!
120px-Nuvola-like search trash.svg This user has restored and improved many articles that were previously deleted!
WarioHat This user prevents wars between users!
Gears This user keeps this wiki running!

Personal user awardsEdit

These can be given to a user for being a good user.

CoolAward This user has kept their cool when being attacked by a vandal on the wiki!
UserAward This user has put much effort into creating a great userpage!
HelperAward This user helps out and defends other users out when they need it!
BestFilm This user has created a great video and put it on the wiki!
Cookie This user has been awarded a cookie!

Knowledge awardsEdit

These awards can be given to a user who you may think has much knowledge on a subject listed below. This decision should be based on wether the articles that they create or edit usually have to do with the subject.

Nintendo This user has much knowledge on Nintendo games!
Images-2 This user has much knowledge on Xbox games!
PlayStation This user has much knowledge on PlayStation games!
Sega This user has much knowledge on Sega games!
Poke480 3 This user has much knowledge on all game systems!

Think-up Games Wiki CupEdit

Info on this special award can be seen here Think-up Games Wiki:Tug Cup.

GoldTrophy This user has won the Think-up Games Wiki Cup!