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Turtlez is a virtual pet game involving turtles. While there is no fixed objective, you are free to watch and nurture the cute animals grow from hatchling to adult, as well as their offspring.

Hatchling Edit

Hatchlings have just come out of their shell. While they can move around by themselves, they don't have much experience with the nearby terrain or other entities.

Mature turtles Edit

Mature turtles have lived at least a few years, and have a general idea of the environments they've seen. In addition, they will also be capable of breeding with other turtles to create offspring.

Eggs Edit

The female turtle normally lays eggs, which are then buried within an appropriate ground. After winter passes and spring arrives, the eggs will hatch, allowing the yound turtles to emerge from their nest.


The controls are here.



  1. For more information, see Turtlez/Yard

The yard is a fenced outdoor area that is wide open. It is grassy, with a few rocks, plants, a sidewalk, and a pond for either swimming or wading.


  1. For more information, see Turtlez/Pond

The pond is a medium-sized area with much water and little "islands" of land. A steep ledge marks the edge of the pond.


  1. For more information, see Turtlez/Aquariums

The aquarium is a glass enclosure used to keep turtles in a more controlled environment. It can be customized with terrain, rocks, plants and decorations to make the place more natural.

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