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Pikapi (talk · contribs)

This game is just like the Nintendo DSi Camera but with some new options and featuring Wario. Like the Nintendo DSi Camera, the Wario Camera has an album section with the ability to transfer images to facebook. Unlike the Nintendo DSi Camera more than one facial edit can be made.

Picture EditsEdit

The pictures can be edited and the items listed below can be added.

Face EditsEdit

The face must be seen by the camera to add these.

  • Mario Hat
  • Mario Mustache
  • Luigi Hat
  • Luigi Mustache
  • Wario Hat
  • Wario Mustache
  • Waluigi Hat
  • Waluigi Mustache
  • Witch Hat
  • Sunglasses

Random EditsEdit

These can be put anywhere in the picture. Colored marker marks can be drawn here also.

  • Stars
  • W
  • Bubbles
  • Snowflakes

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