Wolf World: Ruby's Quest

Imagine your life as a wolf!

You are at the top of the food chain,

and you live in a very powerful pack, known as the Rainfall pack.

But... Your pack is being threatened by a large family of Grizzly Bears, who want to take over your

Packlands. You must team up with Ruby, the pack leader, and defeat Grizzle, the evil Grizzly Bear, who is the

leader of them all. Help your packmates by recieving food for the pack, and by teaching the young pups lessons

with awesome mini-games! Defend your pack, make your own wolf, and enjoy Wolf World: Ruby's Quest!

(This is just a think-up by nintendogslpsgirl, that's me!!!)


Your wolf (the wolf you choose at the beginning of the game)

Ruby: a strong, brave, loyal wolf with brown fur and red eyes.

A scar is across one eye, and some believe she has a dark side, too...

But, she is the leader.

Okami: a mysterious wolf who comes from the caves of Japan.

She is not much of a predator to smaller animals, due to how she only eats fruits and vegetables, because she is too gentle to eat little animals...

Rocky: A strong brown wolf who wishes he could be the leader of the Rainfall pack, and will stop at nothing to get his wish.

Trixie: a wolf much larger than the rest, is known for her legendary howl, is timber wolf.

Stone: Ruby's brother, has a weak paw that he cannot use, but still hates when others feel sorry for him.

Tends to stay alone in his cave...

Emerald: Ruby's mother, who worries about her daughter when she becomes the leader.

Polaris: a large arctic wolf, Ruby's father, ran away to fight Grizzle, hasn't been seen since...

Snowflake: mostly a background character, a majestic arctic wolf who was found far from The Packlands.

And there are also more characters, too...